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Adult Education

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St. Mark's LOVES kids -- we are currently gearing up for our annual Vacation Bible School.  Other offerings include Sunday School, Youth Group, and acolyting.

We have many different adult education classes that we offer on a quarterly basis.  We also offer a bible study series called "Disciple."  Because we offer so many different types of classes, there is sure to be something for everyone's interest.

One of our passions is our outreach ministries:  feeding local people at Bread Basket, volunteering at Foundations for Ministries, raising money and supplies for those who need it. - Waupaca Food Pantry - Meals on Wheels - Bread Basket - Migration Ministries - Episcopal Relief and Development

Garden of Blessings


Our  beautiful Garden of Blessings was completed in 2016 and has become a favorite spot for many people.  It was consecrated as an outdoor worship space and can be used for weddings, funerals, concerts and our very popular Jazz Vespers. All of the plantings and the labyrinth were donated as memorials in memory of relatives and friends of the congregation of St. Mark’s.

Jazz Vespers


Jazz Vespers in the Garden began as a collaboration between Matt Buchmann, a professor of music at UW-Stevens Point, and then rector, Fr. Wilson Roane.  The concept was to have Evening Prayer using Jazz as the musical backdrop.  After the Garden of Blessings was established, the Vespers moved its location there.   Now, Jazz Vespers is a popular summer event in Waupaca, drawing many people from different faith backgrounds. During the summer, St. Mark’s hosts four Jazz Vespers events . A large potluck meal follows with St. Mark’s providing brats and hamburgers.



We really love to be with each other and we always love to have newcomers join us! And we love our fellowship time -- our coffee hours are the best. In addition, some of our fellowship opportunities are described below: Patio Liturgies: During the summer, every month a different family hosts an evening. Similar to the Wednesday night church dinners, the congregation gathers to join in a worship service, and then we enjoy a potluck dinner and conversation afterwards. Harvest Dinner: Each October, St. Mark’s hosts a Harvest Dinner in which a full catered meal is served and then baskets overflowing with different items are auctioned. Items in each basket have a theme such as Christmas or art or sport paraphernalia. In addition, a gourmet meal is also auctioned off.

Prayer Groups


St. Marks has several different prayer groups that gather together to study and pray about God’s Word. Morning Prayer -- each Tuesday (8:30am), Wednesday (9:00 am), and Friday (8:00am) a group gathers in the Garden (or inside if the weather is too cold) to pray. After the Friday prayer group, we all go out for breakfast at a local restaurant. Marksmen -- each Saturday a group of men meets at the Rose Garden restaurant to read and discuss scripture.

Blessing of the Animals


Since the 1990s, St. Mark’s has held an annual “Blessing of the Animals.” All in the Waupaca area and visitors are welcome to attend St. Mark’s Episcopal Church free “Blessing of the Animals” event (at the beginning of October). This blessing of the animals is conducted in remembrance of St. Francis of Assisi’s love for all creatures great and small on his feast day. All ages are welcome to bring pets (on a lead or in a crate) for a special individual prayer of blessing by The Rev. Julia Hendrix, Rector of St. Mark’s.

Choir Events

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Lessons and Carols -- Each year, St. Mark’s holds a special service just before Christmas, called “Lessons and Carols.” Beginning in the 1990s, members of the Waupaca community were invited to join St. Mark’s in celebrating the Advent of our Lord. Since that time, St. Mark’s now holds its Lessons and Carols event in Danes Hall. Tenebrae Service -- During Holy Week, St. Mark's choir holds a special Tenebrae Service for the entire Waupaca Community. Scripture readings are interspersed with anthems appropriate for Holy Week.


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