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We welcome you. We are an inclusive community of faith, and we celebrate that God’s love and grace extends to all, and affirm that each person is made in the image of God. 


As the people of St. Mark's Episcopal Church, we are called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ by creating lasting bonds with each other and with our community members.  We also strive to grow in our faith by providing opportunities to learn about God's love and to serve others in God's name.


Our mission is "to know Christ and make him known."  We hope you’ll take some time to look around our site and see how we put these ideals into practice. Better yet, we hope you will visit us and experience them first hand.  

Welcome home. 

St. Mark's strives to be the family of God,

so that everyone feels they have come home.

Our Mission

Our church is the body of Christ - all members are leaders and contributors of different ministries.


St. Mark's is very involved in our local community, our national community, and the world.  

Jesus Christ told his followers to proclaim his forgiveness in his name to all nations.

Find out more about St. Mark's 

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